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First person shooter blends WWII with modern sci fi elements

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Wolfenstein is part of a series of first person shooter games that are set in an alternate reality of World War II.

The original Wolfenstein 3D was the first person shooter game that set the mold for everything that followed. Those who remember the game will fondly recall the violent glee and mêlée of hilarious weirdness that could only come from the minds of our favorite cyber nerds. Looking back, it's probably hard to see how blocky graphics and plain text guides could be so much fun, but fans will say the best thing about this video game was that it never took itself too seriously.

This incarnation of Wolfenstein picks up where the sequel of the original 1992 game, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, left off. Once again, you will play World War II hero BJ Blazkowicz, the hard-nosed hero who battles through enemy Nazi forces to keep them from obtaining a doomsday power called Black Sun. But this occult fantasy remake has a new twist. You now have the ability to slow time and travel dimensions among other supernatural powers. There is also a love interest to spice up an already fascinating story and a fantastic cast of heroes and villains with their own interesting little quirks.

And for the more bloodthirsty players, this game definitely has a satisfying amount of gore. The explosives are especially graphic, resulting in jettisons of massive chunks of flesh to decorate the dark and gritty landscape. One would think that with all of this over-the-top bloodshed and excessive gun play, the makers would remember to stay true to their roots and not be too serious. Unfortunately, they didn't quite tap in to the original game's spirit.


  • Play it your way. Follow standard missions one at a time, let the resistance team call the shots or enter multiplayer mode to tackle the whole story at once.
  • Interesting story line with great character development.
  • Some cool detail on the graphics.
  • Nice and violent.


  • Some of the missions are a little tedious.
  • It's hard to keep up with the mood at times. It alternates between cheesy and serious.
  • The guides and enemy soldiers aren't much fun and aren't very versatile.
  • Wolfenstein was impressive and cutting-edge in the beginning. Now it borders on bland when compared to what gamers are used to these days.
  • Where's Robot Hitler?

Ultimately, Wolfenstein only rates as average with most players when compared to modern games. This may be due partly to a certain feeling of let down since the first version was such a blast. With the latest advances in gaming, most fans wish that the producers could have set the bar again, instead of just matching it.

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